The Moria Dishcloth

The Moria Dishcloth

Hello fellow crafters,

I have just released my new crochet pattern The Moria Dishcloth. The video tutorial is in progress! This fun beginner-friendly crochet pattern features the shell stitch and triple crochet stitch. If you are a newbie to crochet these stitches are easy to learn and work up so fast! Did I mention they are addicting? This repeat pattern can easily be modified into a kitchen towel, blanket, shawl, and much more!

If you are confused by any of the stitches used in this pattern, please check out my YouTube channel where I will be releasing a step-by-step tutorial on making The Moria Dishcloth pattern. I will also have videos showcasing all of the stitches mentioned in the design. Thanks to technical difficulties this week the uploads are not there just yet but are on their way! (I will send an update once they have been posted.) In the meantime, I have a beginner's guide to crochet, all the basics as a digital download listed in my shop! It does not matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned crocheter, it's always nice to have a simple stitch guide in your back pocket.

If you are local to the Vancouver, WA / Portland, OR area and want to attend one of my in-person crochet events to get hands-on help with crochet I would love to see you at one of my classes! (Typically held at a local winery, so wine not?) It is always so fun to see new faces and make connections with local crafters who were interested in crochet and the fiber arts. Check out my website’s event page to see what I have going on or subscribe to my email list to be updated on all events, shop updates, discounts, and much more!

If you are interested in the PDF version of this pattern for easy to read and print-out-ease please check out my pattern page on my website.

Not to be a repeat but this pattern really does work up fast and is a breeze to work on! I love the shell stitch look over the triple crochet repeat. The inspiration for this pattern was actually The Lord of The Rings trilogy. My husband and I have been rewatching the movies and nerding out. We absolutely love the series, and it always puts us in the fall and winter mood. I don’t know about you but if I am watching a three-hour movie, I am making huge progress on my current project. What's better than getting into a cozy vibe with yarn!?

Anyways, there is a part in the movie where the adventure leads the travelers to the great halls of Moria and there is a stunning grand room filled with towering columns. The triple crochet stitch in the pattern represents the columns from Moria. The border of this pattern represents the cave-like atmosphere of stalagmites and stalactites.  

Not only is this pattern fun but it also allows you to use scrap yarn. I made my entire dishcloth out of about 36 grams of yarn. I just released my new fall yarn collection. Included in this release is my new yarn base which is 100% organic cotton. I recently worked up this pattern in my new fall colorway Sage. It is a variegated color and absolutely suits my vibe during this time of year when we are transitioning from summer to fall. I really enjoyed crocheting with this organic cotton, it feels light but durable and never split while crocheting which I tend to always run into with other cotton yarns. I was really impressed with the softness of this yarn base and the variation of color kept me interested in each stitch. This cotton yarn is perfect for any houseware fiber project and soft enough to use in garment projects too! In the Moria pattern if you are using scrap yarn you can always change the border yarn to give this beauty a pop of color and some flair. All up to you maker! 

I love this pattern not only because the inspiration makes me smile but also because using this dishcloth more as a coffee run has been my new favorite thing! Any time I am making my tea or coffee I lay this baby down and now I have a fun landing zone to prep my coffee. When I go outside to sit and knit, boom I lay this dishcloth down and now I have a cute place to place my mug and phone that is not directly, loudly landing on the table. You know in home decor where the trend is to use plates, bowls, or trays to bring a space together kind of like coloring inside the box? Well, this pattern can be used just like that without the added bulkiness of a tray boxing out your space.

Now, let's get you making! If you have never tried crochet, I would say any beginner can make this pattern. Not only is it addicting but it gives you practice on the basic crochet stitch concepts. Again, if you have trouble making The Moria Dishcloth please check out my YouTube channel where there will be a full tutorial on how to crochet this pattern and videos on each stitch method mentioned. I will send an email update to subscribers when technology is back on my side, and I can upload my tutorial videos. 

Stay Crafty,


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